01. What can you do that I can't get elsewhere?


Our service is totally independent of the land based BT Openreach Network, which virtually all other providers across almost all of the South-West have to use.


Our Core Backbone Network is completely our own and is growing across the Devon & Cornwall Counties week-by-week. The bigger our Network gets, the more robust it is.



02. How do we take service from you?


Please submit your initial enquiry by contacting us in any way, we will gladly talk you through our service options if anything is unclear. As our service uses a system of antennas, each installation (or group of installations) requires a survey in order to determine the best technical and aesthetic parameters.



03. How much time does installation take?


After survey we will generate a brief report and proposal. If you are happy to go ahead we will propose a date for installation, usually determined by whether we have existing service in your area, if we do then it is usually a matter of days. However, if we are not already in your area we will first look at extending our Network to you, which is often made more viable if there are other people near you who also want service.



04. I don't want a huge dish on my house, how big are the antennas?


The transceiver antennas we install range from 14cm in diameter right up to 60cm, and vary in shape according to the technical and aesthetic nature of the installation. More often than not, most installations require a 20cm-30cm dish antenna, roughly half the size of a standard Sky TV mini-dish.


The size required for each installation is determined by whether we are in your area already, how far your property is from one of our Hub Sites, what service speed/Bandwidth you require, and the aesthetic considerations at your property. We can often site our antennas away from the property, sometimes on sheds and outbuildings. We have various options in respect of connection within the property.



05. Who is responsible for the equipment once it is installed?


We supply, maintain and own any equipment we install, you will own any equipment connected to ours within your property. We are responsible for maintaining and upgrading the equipment, but you will need to pay for any damage to the equipment should something malicious, accidental or weather related happen to it.


The equipment is covered under your contents and buildings home insurance, just like a Sky TV dish or your own computer equipment.

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