About Us



History & Ethos


In 2014 our project started in order to provide to remote geographical areas high speed Internet service, otherwise normally accessible closer to towns and built up areas.


Since then, due to customer demand and our reputation for being able to provide high speed, high quality Internet connections, our services have been made available in and around towns and areas traditionally suited to wired & land based services.


Part of our ethos is to provide our service to local communities at the lowest pricing possible, rather than taking advantage of our unique position in the localised market. This allows us to offer pricing that can realistically compete in the national marketplace, which allows our clients to take advantage of our ultra Low Latency Network in towns and built up areas, without paying a premium when compared against other providers.

Real Difference


...a real quote from a customer, who used to run their daily schedule around working late into the night, when they would get the best out on their land based service at 0.5Mbps Download...on a good day!


We have come across many people struggling with even the most basic of normal tasks due to the lack of viable Internet service, which these days is considered a basic necessity.


Much of the reward for us is making a difference and helping people to live and work functionally.



“We run an online business from home, your Internet service has changed how we live our lives.”



The more the merrier! We aim to bring our service to anyone that requests it, however it is by far more technically viable to provide to communities such as towns, villages, & 'Internet blackspots'. Our network becomes more robust & resilient, the more customers are being served in one area.



Simple & Fair


We believe in simple, fair pricing, no hidden fees or complicated 'sleight of hand' special offers; we keep our pricing as low as possible at all times.


We do not favour new customers over old, we value everyone that supports us, so we offer the same straight, clear and simple loyalty discounts to new and existing customers.



“...we've been with Sky, TalkTalk and BT, your service is simply better than all of them, how come?”

Technically Different


...a quote from a customer and common question put to us.


Our service is totally independent of the land based BT Openreach Network, which virtually all other providers across almost all of the South-West have to use.


Our Core Backbone Network is completely our own and is growing across the Devon & Cornwall Counties week-by-week. The bigger our Network gets, the more robust & resilient it is.

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